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Counselling in Cheshire

Thank you for contacting us.

Brightstone Clinic has closed.


The Hope Street Centre is taking over Brightstone Clinic referrals and can help you to find the right service for you.

Please ring...01270 764003 to leave a message or to talk to someone who can help you.

Alternatively, go to  and visit the therapists page to find out more about services available to you.

Brightstone Clinic - Feb 2012 till Sept 2016

What were the aims of Brightstone Clinic?

Brightstone Clinic was set up in Feb 2012 as part of a Community Interest Company by its Co Directors Maurice Tomkinson and Jessica Woolliscroft. The aim of Brightstone CIC was to support and strengthen the emotional and psychological resilience of the local community by offering low cost counselling to local residents, training placements to counselling students, volunteer work experience placements and high quality educational events.

What has Brightstone Clinic Achieved?

From Feb 2012 to Sept 2016:

Brightstone provided low cost counselling to 201 people from the local community, providing support with wellbeing, emotional and relationship issues. 18 other enquirers were signposted to other practitioners outside Brightstone Clinic more suitable for their needs. In addition many other telephone enquirers were given information to help them choose more appropriate services in the local area. This included information about drug services for young people, autism services, how to access NHS mental health services.

A work experience placement was provided for 2 psychology students and 2 local people.

Brightstone provided training placements to 16 student counsellors,12 of whom completed their placements and graduated as practitioners enabling them to obtain qualifications and employment. Graduates of the clinic were trained to take over the screening of new referrals in 2016.

Brightstone provided one and sometimes two free training days each year for the student counsellors.

Brightstone became a member of  the Centre for Psychological Therapies in Primary Care affiliated with University of Chester (CPTPC).  J.Woolliscroft published an article in the Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care and gave a talk at The (CPTPC) Conference on Compassion in Shrewsbury Sept 2015.

Why has Brightstone Clinic Closed?

In August 2016 Maurice and Jessica agreed to close the CIC to respond to their changing circumstances and priorities.

Maurice is taking the work of resilience further and deeper by setting up The Sanctuary in Stoer in the Scottish Highlands. The Sanctuary offers a space for those wanting to learn more about emotional and practical resilience, connection with nature and raising consciousness. Maurice still manages The Hope Street Centre in Sandbach where many of the Brightstone Clinic graduates now practice. It is hoped that these two centres in Sandbach and in Stoer will form a mutually beneficial collaboration, strengthening each.

Jessica retains her full practice at The Hope Street Centre offering clinical supervision in psychotherapy, trauma therapy and EMDR. Her priorities are  to deepen her commitment to a relational EMDR and depth psychotherapy, encouraging a move from trauma recovery/survival mentality towards a more life affirming Joie de Vivre. At the same time, Jessica is supporting the work of The Sanctuary through her interest in permaculture design for land based and people based systems.

How have the functions of Brightstone Clinic transitioned?

Assessment and access to low cost therapy:

The screening and assessment role of Brightstone Clinic has been transferred to the Hope Street Centre. Graduates of Brightstone Clinic and The Hope Street Centre staff have been trained to offer high quality assessment to local people looking for services.  Referrals to Brightstone Clinic will now be redirected to The Hope Street Centre where their needs will be assessed through a confidential telephone conversation and they will be put in touch with the service that is best suited to them. For those on a budget, practitioners offering lower cost therapy or fees on a sliding scale will be identified, as will those who are able to offer sessions at weekends.

Training Placements: Training placements for trainee counsellors are not currently being offered through The Hope Street Centre although Jessica and Charlotte Walton, the Brightstone Clinic supervisors, still offer clinical supervision in their individual practices.

Volunteer Work Placements: The Hope Street Centre through the Resilience Programme and The Sanctuary may still from time to time take volunteers.

Educational Events: It is intended that these will continue through the work of The Sanctuary, The Resilience Programme and training events offered by various practitioners at The Hope Street Centre.

Graduates of Brightstone Clinic Offering Counselling at Hope Street Centre

Laura Stelfox

Helen MacKay

Elaine Edwards

Hope Pugh

Karen Moore

Patty Everitt

Alison MacGregor

Other Graduates of Brightstone Clinic

  • Mani Alexander
  • Dennis Richards
  • Elaine Michaels
  • Hayley Brown
  • Chris Procter